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Physiotherapy / Health studio

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Medical well-being and outpatient therapy are in the foreground of our physiotherapy provision.

We would be delighted to provide you with information on our health classes and additional services than assist you in preventatively promoting and maintaining your health.
The focus of the treatment is the use of the local thermal therapeutic water, for instance through exercise in the movement pool or a sporty aqua fitness class.

Panorama pictures 360°

Our range of therapeutic treatments includes:

  • medical prescription treatments for children and adults
  • self-paying patient treatments following medical consultation
  • prevention classes covered by public health insurance
  • functional training in self-help groups
  • medical and cosmetic podiatry

Indication & therapy

Medical indications:

  • orthopaedic diseases
  • post-accident conditions and surgical disorders
  • cardiovascular diseases
  • inflammatory rheumatic diseases
  • respiratory diseases and metabolic disorders
  • neurological, psychosomatic and psychovegetative diseases with motor system dysfunctions
  • general pain and weakness

Therapy options:

  • movement therapies in thermal water
  • manual therapy
  • classic massage and reflexology therapy
  • medical baths and heat packs
  • physiotherapy and movement therapies on the sling table
  • equipment-supported physiotherapies
  • lymphatic drainage
  • electrotherapy
  • pain therapy (with laser)
  therapy pool

Treatments & prices

Massage therapy:
classic massage (partial body massage) €29.00 
reflexology (e.g. foot reflexology treatment) €33.00 
Bindegewebsmassage €31.50 
special massage (segment and connective tissue massage, cupping, ...) €31.50 
special massage (segment and connective tissue massage, cupping, ...) €31.50 
Underwater Pressure Massage including rest period €39.50 
manual lymphatic drainage (30min) €38.50 
manual lymphatic drainage (45min) €56.50 
manual lymphatic drainage (60min) €74.00 
kinesiotaping - depending on area of application   
Movement therapy:
physiotherapy neurophysiological foundation €30.00 
physiotherapy - Bobath (30 min) €45.50 
physiotherapy - Equipment (60 min) €70.00 
physiotherapy - group €13.50 
physiotherapy in the thermal movement pool - individual €38.50 
physiotherapy in the thermal movement pool - group €19.50 
extension treatment of the cervical spine - manual €31.00 
manual TMJ treatment (CMD) €36.50 
manual therapy €38.50 
extensions/traction treatment with device €14.50 
spiral dynamics (whole body therapy) €74.00 
ultrasound / stimulation current / threshold current / iontophoresis €17.00 
infrared therapy €14.50 
ultrasound / stimulation current / threshold current / iontophoresis €14.50 
full hydroelectric bath / galvanic bath €30.00 
laser therapy €18.00 
Galvanic therapy:
Hot packs with pelose or beeswax €17.00 
pelose kneading €17.00 
hot roll €22.00 
cryotherapy/cold pack €19.50 
oxygen/carbonated bath with subsequent rest period €30.00 
medical podiatry
medical podiatry €29.00 

(subject to change)


Prevention classes

Lack of exercise and stress are the most common causes of diseases of all kinds in our society. Take preventative action and protect your health! The prevention classes in the Silber-Therme Warmbad are subsidised by the German public health insurance providers.
Please do not hesitate to ask!

  to the prevention classes

Outpatient spa stay

Health is the greatest good of man. However, often we only appreciate its value when it is at risk.

Outpatient preventative care in a recognised spa town is thus the right way of aligning body and soul and maintaining and promoting health. Just a few steps are necessary to apply for spa treatment:

 Outpatient prevention and rehabilitation treatment

Opening hours

Our physiotherapy welcomes you

Mon - Fri 8:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.

Telephone appointment agreement: +4937369-15140


Please call +49 (0)37369-15140 to arrange an appointment.

Please bring your prescriptions with you!

We look forward to your visit!

Your physiotherapy team

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